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Alexander Idema

Alexander Idema

performance artist, actor, musician

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PROFIEL Alexander Idema

performance artist, actor, musician


My first experience with the stage came in elementary school. We had the assignment of writing a short play, and the best would be chosen. To my surprise they chose my story, but the funniest thing was I wasn't allowed to act in it! In my High School years, I started focussing more on writing music and for many years I played in bands. It was not until my thirties, that I got interested in writing poetry and inspired by this absurd performances by an art-collective named Antistrot, I started joining them on stage. Not long after that I did performances my self with two people under the name "New Kids On The Blokfluit". It was not long after that


If you're looking for somebody with great facial expressions and a good sense of Humor, then congratulations, you just found the right guy!

recente filmografie

Communiceren kan je leren-Motoko productions Den Haag
YDA movie-Born to create drama
Tros Banana-Drankorgel Performance, Korzo Theater Den Haag


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acteur (man)



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